Fully Responsive

With responsive design, Studio 702 seeks to provide an optimal browsing experience for the end user—easy viewing and navigation of the website. after all, mobile is the future and we want to make sure users find you.

Beautifully Designed

Design is a craft and we take it very seriously. Designing websites with purpose and then building them using top notch technology is our commitment to you to best represent your brand while having users at the center.

User Experience

We understand what it takes to design something users love and iterate based on their feedback. Rest assure that everything we do is with the best intentions of the users while keeping the integrity of the business intact.

Full-Service Agency

Initial Kick-Off Meeting

This is a critical part in the process, here we will learn more about each other, how we will tackle this new project together and we'll define the roles so that we can become a much more collaborative group together. We believe in team power and how more efficient we can become if we are all aligned from the start, without any confusions as we define all steps in the process. This is why it makes it a better experience working with 702 Studio.

Requirement Gathering

The first step in the process is to create a statement of work (SOW) and start gathering all requirements for your project/s.


As quantitative data is increasingly becoming a key ingredient in usability and user-experience work. We eliminate all the guessing.


Ideation is not only for generating the next “big idea” rather, we engage in ideation when facing any design problem, big or small.


Stand out online with your new professionally designed website, not only you can turn your idea into a reality, but we help you get found.


We will build your idea from design to development by using our partners state of the art technology which includes certificates of security.


Together we strategically create a launching strategy aligned with your business goals and needs. This is what you've been waiting for!

07. Support

We're not done after launch, we continue to work with you on ongoing iterations and support and provide technical maintenance. We got you!

Always Do More

There's an ongoing effort to make you stand out, the website is the first step, then ongoing marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your site, perhaps the most critical piece of all. Of course, we help with branding as well. What are you waiting for, we can't wait to hear your idea.

We're Anxious To Hear All About Your Idea

First step is to reach out to us and we'll arrange a call to get things moving in the right direction, and hopefully we can work together to build your next, or current, big idea.

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